Watch 'The Hunger Games' Reenacted by Beanie Babies


If you haven’t had enough Hunger Games hype this weekend, we’ve got a pretty plush treat for you. “The Beanie Baby Hunger Games,” created by Jeff Luppino-Esposito & Jamie T. McCelland, is exactly what it sounds like — The Hunger Games acted out by Beanie Babies — and it’s actually remarkably true to the books. Follow stuffed blue jay “Katniss Everbean” as she volunteers at the reaping, heads to the Capitol (which looks suspiciously like Times Square), and is hurled into the games themselves, with good old Peeta, a bright yellow duck, at her side. Not only is this a clever, well-executed idea, we also think it’s a pretty solid way to make use of all those old Beanie Babies — after all, you know you’ve always wanted to set at least a couple of them on fire. Click through to watch the video, and let us know how you think it holds up against the actual film in the comments.