A Glamping Design Guide for Summer Festival Goers


With Coachella only a few short weeks away, we’ve been exploring the plethora of stylish camping and outdoor accessories now available thanks to the glamping craze that we totally get and love. After all, what better way to experience the great outdoors than from the comfort of your own decked out statement campsite?

Whether you’re car camping, tent camping or doing it open-air style under California’s desert stars, here’s our guide to making your campsite stand out in what’s sure to be a sea of boring polyester taffeta and ubiquitous green Coleman grills. We’ve broken down the outdoor experience into the three essential categories: eat, sleep, and coffee. Click through to check out our picks for festival camping in style. Then, let us know in the comments what you do to up your camping ante.


The cutest little portable retro grill we’ve ever seen.

Fyrkat Picnic Charcoal Grill, $55 from bodum

An oval-shaped, iron clad dutch oven “ideal for grilled cheese sandwiches. Both the top and the bottom can be used as plates for food prep or eating.” Fun fact: Nanbu Cast Iron Ware originated many centuries ago in the Mizauwa region of Iwate Japan. Iwate has carved out a reputation for cast iron production as a rational craft for more than 900 years. The Snow Peak Cast Iron Dutch Oven is a product of the technology backed up by this long history of traditional craftsmanship.

Micro Oval Dutch Oven, $75 from snow peak

A great combination of modern and DIY design. Pair a folding, hairpin-legged table with old-fashioned canvas camping stools that you can make yourself!

Tripod camp stool, about $25. DIY instructions via Wood & Faulk

Single Action Table, $190 from snow peak


Design-led Field Candy, purveyor of outstanding tents, puts an artful spin on the classic cotton A-frame shape. Their tents are “significantly larger than most two person tents, making for a more comfortable and spacious sleeping area. Plus there’s a separate lobby/porch area for storage or wet items.” Suitable for just about any climate, “they keep you as dry in the rain and as snug in a gale as any conventional high performance tent.”

A contemporary landscape painting in tent form by Jonathan Zawada, $945 from Field Candy

Touch of Chintz tent, $706 from Field Candy

Spacious tent by Mark Grant, $786 from Field Candy

Inspired by the big top circus tents of a bygone era, The Glam Camping Company’s circular bell tent, is the “ultimate tent for Glamping in style.”

“Rhubarb and Custard” Bell Tents, £430 from The Glam Camping Company

One part objet d’arte and one part heritage mainstay, Caitlyn Wylde’s teepee is perfect for the dry desert air.

Image credit: Caitlyn Wylde

A bohemian hammock to compliment your gypset chic festival style.

Find similar versions to this sold-out Anthropologie hammock in Maribel Hernandez’s Etsy shop.

If your urban self can’t quite handle not having something more solid overhead, here’s a solution for you. The teardrop trailers from Vacations in a Can will “enhance your camping experience. There’s room inside for two people to sleep as well as storage for clothes and other items. Outside, in the rear under a hatch, there’s even an area for cooking.”

Chili pepper teardrop trailer, available for rent from Vacations in a Can


What would we do without our daily caffeine fix? “The perfect product for the avid camper who won’t settle for less than the best even in the outdoors,” this matching set has everything you need to make a latte like you’re used to.

Café latte set with titanium coffee press and milk foamer, $95 from snow peak

If you’re not that that fussy, this collapsible titanium coffee drip makes a strong, black cuppa to help get rid of your morning haze.

Fold down coffee drip, $25 from snow peak

La Colombe Corsica Blend or Blue Bottle Giant Steps, obviously.

12oz bag, $12 from La Colombe Torrefaction; 8oz bag, $16 from Blue Bottle Coffee