Daniel Eatock's Delightfully Absurd Juxtapositions of Everyday Objects


Dada’s not dead. It’s alive and well and living in the work of British artist and graphic designer Daniel Eatock. Developed during a combination exhibition/residency at London’s Stanley Picker Gallery that runs through the end of this month, One + One is a series of “staged object-scenarios” that juxtapose pairs of everyday objects in unexpected ways. Some of the new hybrids — a disco ball that fits perfectly into a metal collander, a traffic cone with an ice cream cone topper — emphasize the similarities between things we rarely see in the same place, while others — a megaphone clamped over an empty fishbowl, a watering can pouring its contents into an oil can — render both objects useless and absurd, in a way that might have made Marcel Duchamp proud. Click through for some of our favorite pieces from One + One, then visit Eatock’s website to see many more.

Daniel Eatock, Colander + Mirror Ball. Spotted via Booooooom

Daniel Eatock, Radio + Coat Hanger

Daniel Eatock, Shuttlecock + Egg

Daniel Eatock, Oil Can + Watering Can

Daniel Eatock, Wheelbarrow + Zimmer Frame

Daniel Eatock, Megaphone + Goldfish Bowl

Daniel Eatock, Traffic Cone + Ice Cream Cone

Daniel Eatock, Trumpet + Oil Can

Daniel Eatock, Parasol Base + Umbrella

Daniel Eatock, Swimming Cap + Balloon