Intricate Time-Lapse Portraits That Recall the Rings of a Tree


The “photographing someone in the same pose over a long period of time” idea has been done to death over the last few years, but Japanese artists Ryuta Iida and Yoshihisa Tanaka — known collectively as Nerhol — have adopted a novel approach to the concept in a series called Misunderstanding Focus. The duo’s work revolves around meticulous and intricate paper sculptures, and they’ve created these images via a painstaking process of slicing myriad individual photos into long strips and then piecing them together to create what’s effectively a time-lapse image, a montage of their subjects created over the course of three minutes. The resultant portraits recall the way a tree’s age can be calculated by counting the number of rings in its trunk, and have a fluid beauty all their own. Check out a few more after the jump.

If you read Japanese, there’s more information on Nerhol at their Facebook page — sadly, our high school Japanese isn’t quite up to the task.

[via Colossal]