SRSLY!? Pitchfork is Re-rebuilding a Band it Just Attacked?!


Oh Pitchfork. Sure, we have a love/hate relationship with your rants and album ratings (to say nothing of the actually occasionally awesome tracks reviews), but what are you doing with Wavves? First you pluck a random group of lo-fi noise-niks out of obscurity, sending the awesome (but completely inaccessible) act soaring through the indie-rock roof. Then, when the unexpected, unwelcome (?), and all-too-fast adoration rips mastermind Nathan Williams apart, causing a very public meltdown at Barcelona’s Primavera Sound Festival, you publicize the crap out of it.

Now, you proceed to publish an explanatory interview chronicling the breakdown in an attempt (?) to build Wavves back up. SRSLY? In the interview, Williams admits to only having been playing as Wavves for four months before fame hit. This SRSLY certificate comes with a healthy helping of “come one guys: stop screwing with the lives of up-and-coming artists!”