Azealia Banks Collaborating with Kanye West and Lana Del Rey, Releasing EP in April


Everything’s coming up Azealia Banks — just as we knew it would from the moment we first heard “212” and spent hours afterward listening to it on repeat. We’ve been waiting months to get a firm date on an official release from the rapper, and Pitchfork is reporting that her debut EP will drop in less than three weeks, on April 17th. Called 1991, which happens to be the year Banks was born, it will contain two new tracks, “1991” and “Grand Prix.”

Meanwhile, her full-length, Broke with Expensive Taste, is on the horizon for September. It’s inevitable that the album will feature some big-name collaborations, and Banks is already tweeting about a few that are in the works. Yesterday, she mentioned that she was “up working on this Lana Del Rey remix” and also “just got a Kanye West beat.” If that’s not enough news to satisfy you, she’s also teaming up on something or another with Alexander Wang. Is it too early to declare 2012 the Year of Azealia?