Watch a Supercut of Great “Dudes” in Film History


First born in the late 19th-century as slang for Eastern city slickers who ventured into the Wild West, the word “dude” crops up in movies more than you might think — and we’re not just talking about the Coen Brothers’ script for The Big Lebowski. Alex Moschina at Slacktory has created a supercut of great “dudes” in film history, from Howard Hawks’ 1959 western Rio Bravo (which featured the original “Dude,” Dean Martin) to David Wain’s 2008 bromantic comedy Role Models. Click through to watch it now, and let us know which “dude” is your favorite in the comments. We’ll always be partial to the great Edie McClurg’s matter-of-fact delivery of “They think he’s a righteous dude” in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.