Hear The Mountain Goats Premiere New Songs at the Ecstatic Music Festival


Everyone we know who caught The Mountain Goats’ Ecstatic Music Festival set last weekend in New York has spent the entire week raving about it. The performance featured songs from Transcendental Youth, John Darnielle’s collaboration with the classical vocal quartet Anonymous 4 and Owen Pallett, which centers around a small, desolate, and melancholy community on Puget Sound. Thankfully, for those of us who missed it, NPR has posted the entire 90-minute show. While Darnielle and his guitar don’t take over until about half an hour in — to play new stuff and classics like “Your Belgian Things” and “Wild Sage” — Anonymous 4 makes the entire performance worth listening to. The last third of the set, when the singers join Darnielle, is absolutely gorgeous. And, as Mountain Goats fans already know, the between-song banter is top notch. Stream the concert here.