Watch Tina Fey Teach You How to Dance


Is there anything more wonderful than watching Liz Lemon on the dance floor? In a new “Ask Tina” video, a fan writes in to say that every time Fey busts a move “an angel gets its wings,” and wonders how she accomplishes such feats of grace. Ever a good sport, the 30 Rock star gets up and schools us. “It’s about feeling the music or whatever’s happening,” she says, explaining that the rhythm “comes from my core, and whatever’s happening in my core eventually gets out into my limbs, and usually by the time it gets into my limbs, it gets kind of martial and military.” But you don’t want to just read her advice — you want to see her demonstrate. Do so, make your Friday just a little bit more bearable, and learn about how Fey would deal with a zombie apocalypse as a bonus, after the jump.

[via HuffPost TV]