Eight Non-Michael Jackson Obits That Deserve Their Due


Just as Princess Diana’s death eclipsed everything around it (including the tragic passing of Mother Teresa), Michael Jackson‘s untimely end has made it difficult for anyone else to gain attention. While the King of Pop should certainly be honored for his unquestionable achievements, it’s sad to see his mourning come at the expense of others that have died in the last seven days. After the jump, eight scientists, activists, and celebrities just as deserving of their due.

Sylvia Levin – For 36 years, Sylvia Levin spent six days a week making voter registration rounds, eventually bringing the ballot to more than 47,000 of her fellow Californians.

Jerri Nelson – In 1999, South Pole physician Jerri Nelson stunned the world by administering her own cancer treatment while she waited five months for rescue.

Neera Desai – A hero to women around the world, Neera Desai founded India’s first woman’s studies program, pushing for equality in both the political and academic spheres.

Anne Roberts Nelson – In her 64-year stint with CBS, television executive Anne Roberts Nelson negotiated deals for iconic shows like Gunsmoke and I Love Lucy.

John Callaway – Chicago Tonight host and award-winning journalist John Callaway leaves behind an archive of the most probing, well-researched articles imaginable, including in-depth interviews with everyone from Mike Ditka to Henry Kissinger.

Ed McMahon – A TV side-kick every bit as iconic as the legends he lifted, Ed McMahon spent some 30 years ushering Johnny Carson in front of his audience.

Farrah Fawcett – An unrivaled ’70s sex symbol, actress Farrah Fawcett will be forever remembered for her iconic role in Charlie’s Angels.

Billy Mays – TV pitch-man Billy Mays could, and did, sell pretty much anything. A pioneer on the late-night airwaves (or pretty much any time an “act now” commercial came on) his nice-guy persona outshined many of the products he endorsed.