Hear the Obscure ’70s Electronic Music Used in ‘The Hunger Games’


There’s been a fair amount of quibbling about the relatively uninspiring nature of the soundtrack album to The Hunger Games, which only includes three songs actually featured in the film and devotes the rest of its tracklisting to a rather incoherent selection of indie artists (and, um, Maroon 5.) The music in the film itself, however, is rather interesting — particularly the presence of a piece called “Sediment” by pioneering ’70s electronic composer Laurie Spiegel. A fascinating article in Wired reveals that the dark, ambient nine-minute piece dates back to 1972 — it was recorded an early analog synth (the Electrocomp 200), and its evocative textures recall the work of the great Delia Derbyshire. It’s used to great effect to accompany the tributes’ entrance into the arena and the ensuing bloodbath, and is one of several unexpected pieces of music in the film — apart from Spiegel, there’s music by minimalist composer Steve Reich and Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds. You can hear “Sediment” after the jump — let us know what you think!