Just Vote No to Palin on Desperate Housewives


There’s a nasty rumor floating around that Sarah Palin might guest star in the season finale of Desperate Housewives. We’ve seen proof that she can act, but we’re already sick of the gimmicky cameos that the networks are pushing this season. And it’s only November.

The recent slough on 30 Rock alone (Megan Mullally, Oprah, and Jennifer Aniston so far; Steve Martin, John Hamm in the coming weeks) was enough to inspire an eye twitch. For a struggling show like 30 Rock, it means more ratings, which could save the under-watched critical darling, but doesn’t stunt casting ultimately comprise storyline? For a more established name like Despie, does a move like this signal the beginning of the death march?

Can you think of any shows in the past who have done this well? Will & Grace — maybe.

Is this just a trickle down effect of last year’s Writers Strike?