Watch David Lynch’s Deranged Music Video for “Crazy Clown Time”


Anyone who’s been secretly wishing that David Lynch would get over this whole music thing and get back to making films has had their wish at least least partially fulfilled — Lynch has made a music video to accompany the title track of his album Crazy Clown Time. The video’s a literal depiction of the nighmarish party narrated in the song’s lyrics, and is as sinister and strange as you might expect. It features plenty of familiar Lynchian tropes — fire, stark white light, savagery in an innocuously mundane setting — and while it skates a little close to self-parody at times, all in all, we’re glad to see Lynch back on film. Also, despite the conveniently placed black bars across the plentiful uncovered breasts on show — because, y’know, breasts are filthy, kids — we guess this is probably NSFW. Anyway, check it out after the jump and let us know what you think.