Robocop Lays Down the Law at HQ: Fiesta Movement Mission No. 2


When we signed up to take part in Ford’s Fiesta Movement program, we had a lot of expectations. One thing we weren’t expecting, though, was to be joined by a robot policeman.

As part of the program, we’re test driving the 2011 Fiesta a year before it comes to the US market, and each month brings a new mission, which we document and bring to you. First, we escaped town and met some ghosts and goats. This time, we received some help in the form of the Spykee spy robot, who assisted us in a covert mission at Flavorpill HQ. Watch what went down after the jump.

Disclaimer: In case you didn’t figure it out, much of this video was staged, for the sake of making it entertaining. While we love to have fun at Flavorpill, the office lives of our editors don’t always make for great video. Also, Daily Dose editor Eli Dvorkin is actually a fine, upstanding, law-abiding citizen (at least, to the best of our knowledge).

Check back for next month’s Fiesta Movement mission in a few weeks, when we’ll take you on a guided tour of New York’s newly opened High Line.