Adam Sandler May Ruin the ‘Summer School’ Remake


We just reported this morning that former SNL star Adam Sandler swept the Razzie Awards, taking home seven wins, namely for his terrible cross-dressing comedy Jack and Jill — in which the actor played twin siblings with opposing personalities. This hasn’t humbled the unfunny comedian or stopped him from pressing on, and THR reports that Sandler’s set his sights on a remake for his next big project. The star’s production banner Happy Madison is currently negotiating a deal to produce Paramount’s Summer School remake.

The 1987 high school slacker comedy starred Mark Harmon (and a young Kirstie Alley and Courtney Thorne-Smith) as a gym teacher forced to spend summer with a group of misunderstood goofballs. The project has been stuck in development hell, with Paramount almost catching a break twice with Smurfs producer Jordan Kerner and Star Trek writers/producers Alex Kurtzman and Rob Orci. Those incarnations would have apparently been a change from the original movie, making Harmon’s teacher a bit of a sour puss versus the laid back dude the actor portrayed. “By bringing aboard Sandler and [Happy Madison partner] Giaraputo, the studio is signaling that it hopes to bring a more comedic focus to the project,” THR shares. They still have a hope of pulling that off if Sandler stays off the cast list. Maybe.

The original film isn’t exactly cinematic gold, but it’s a light and mostly amusing story that fans of 1980’s comedies enjoy looking back on. If things pan out, will the Sandler curse continue for Summer School?