Never-Before-Seen Paintings by Kurt Cobain


Maer Roshan unearthed quite the unexpected treasure trove while researching his new e-book Courtney Comes Clean : four never-before-seen paintings and a drawing by Courtney Love’s husband, Kurt Cobain. “What is clear is that this work comes from the troubled mind of Cobain at the height of his addiction,” Cole Louison of The Fix writes. “Painted in 1993, during the recording of Nirvana’s last studio album, In Utero, they illustrate the young genius’ fascination with decay, conception, nourishment, and waste.”

Apparently Love had planned to auction off the art along with some other Cobain memorabilia, but ownership of the paintings is currently being contested by his publishing company, EOM, who has been footing the bill for Love’s unpaid storage fees. Head over to The Fix to get a look at all of the newly-uncovered pieces, and let us know in the comments who you think has more talent as a visual artist: Cobain or his daughter, Frances Bean.