The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. NBC News has apologized for playing an edited version of George Zimmerman’s 911 call to police the night he shot Trayvon Martin, that was “trimmed to suggest that Zimmerman volunteered to police, with no prompting, that Martin was black.” The network claims that it was “an error made in the production process that we deeply regret.” [via Inside TV]

2. Tori Spelling appeared on Watch What Happens Live last night, and Andy Cohen gleefully asked her to play a 90210-inspired round of “Marry, Shag, Kill” with Brandon, Dylan, and Steve. We suppose she made the same decision that most of us would have.

3. Madonna’s new album MDNA — which we analyzed here — will open at number one on this week’s Billboard album chart; this is Madge’s eighth time in that top spot, putting her second only to Barbra Streisand for the greatest number of albums to reach number one among female performers. [via ArtsBeat]

4. Is watching Jon Stewart dissect Sarah Palin’s Today show co-hosting gig more entertaining than watching the real thing? Of course it is! [via Gawker]

5. Neil Young is developing “a high-resolution audio alternative” to MP3s, and has already applied to trademark several names for the project: Ivanhoe, 21st Century Record Player, Earth Storage, Storage Shed, Thanks for Listening, and SQS (Studio Quality Sound). Which do you fancy? [via Rolling Stone]

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