‘Hunger Games’ Director May Not Return for Sequel


Director Gary Ross managed a near-impossible trifecta with The Hunger Games: thrilling fans of the novels, breaking box-office records, and even satisfying most critics. So, while you’d think Lionsgate would have already locked down his participation in the remaining installments of the trilogy, THR is reporting that the studio hasn’t yet reached an agreement with him to helm Catching Fire.

Sources tell the magazine that Lionsgate lowballed Ross on the first film and that he’s seeking a significant raise for the sequel. Considering that The Hunger Games has already brought in $363 million, it doesn’t seem like a crazy request. But THR points out that blockbuster YA franchises like Harry Potter and Twilight weren’t shy about chucking directors even after major successes, and the studio may choose to do the same with Suzanne Collins’ series. While we don’t doubt that the remaining Hunger Games movies will make a lot of money regardless of quality, we’re hoping Lionsgate cares enough to make sure they’re as good as they can possibly be — and that means securing Gary Ross for Catching Fire and Mockingjay, because (unlike the directors of certain Harry Potter and Twilight films) he totally gets it.