The Best Single-Serving Animated GIF Tumblrs


Remember how we all thought animated GIFs were going to go away once we got tired of Hampster Dance and the dancing baby and… all those other dancing things? Well, they didn’t — after fading from pop culture for a few years, they eventually became bigger than ever on platforms like Tumblr, replacing the actual words of internet users who would rather use a clip from Glee to convey their emotions. Even though they may be suffering hitting a saturation point, we love GIFs — and we especially love hilarious GIFs that have nothing to do with anything. And what’s more irrelevant than a single-serving Tumblr, we ask you? Nothing! Here are some of our current favorites; let us know yours in the comments.

Chandler Dances on Things

Your favorite Matthew Perry character struts on Nutella, bacon, and — appropriately enough — the Bing logo.

Lana Del Ray Dancing

This Tumblr relocates Del Rey’s awkward SNL performance to a platform in The Hunger Games , The Last Supper, and more.


Are you not getting enough cat in your online diet? That seems fairly impossible, but if you really aren’t, then GIF Cat is here to fix that with sometimes cute, often weird and disturbing animated images of cats doing crazy stuff!

Batman Running Away from Shit

Adam West’s Batman and his ward Robin attempt to escape everything from adorable corgis on treadmills to the dreaded Snooki monster. Run, Batman! Don’t let it smoosh with you!

Animals Being Dicks

This site features funny animations of animals doing stupid stuff, usually at the expense of other animals’ physical well-being. Often, the those unfortunate animals happen to be human.

James Vandermemes

After the image of James Van der Beek crying on an episode of Dawson’s Creek hit the Internet, Van der Beek responded by creating a website full of other emotion GIFs he created for the specific use of blogs. It’s a veritable treasure trove of hilarious faces.


While not exactly a single-serving site, the cinemagraph-tagged section of fashion photographer Jamie Beck’s blog is completely amazing and definitely a higher class of animated image than the standard cat-jumping-in-a-box stuff. Who’d have thought that GIFs could be so artistic?

If We Don’t, Remember Me

Continuing to keep it classy, IWDRM is a blog that pairs up beautifully subtle movie-related GIFs with a famous quote from that same movie. The image above is a scene from Alien.

Breaking GIFS

This website is entirely devoted to 16-bit versions of Breaking Bad characters. Even better, they were all created and curated by Paul Scheer of The League. Do you really need to know anything else about the site to know that it’s totally awesome?