Wayne Coyne Talks Flaming Lips’ Ke$ha Collaboration


We’ve been scratching our heads since we first heard that Ke$ha would be one of the myriad guest stars on the Flaming Lips’ double-vinyl release The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends. While a new interview with Wayne Coyne on Pitchfork doesn’t exactly clarify the thinking behind the collaboration — at least, beyond the fact that she’s a huge fan of the Lips, gave Coyne some blood, and is “willing to be a freak” — it does provide some interesting details on what we can except from the resulting song.

“It’s exactly what people would think a Ke$ha/Flaming Lips track would sound like,” he says. “It’s obnoxious and funny. That’s why we like it so much — she wasn’t precious about the whole thing. She was really into this idea of doing a song about the year 2012 and doomsday and what’s going to happen. She sent me the most primitive fucking shitty 40-second demo, and we took that and ran with it. Her section of the song is very optimistic — she’s singing about the end of the world, but she’s also on ten hits of acid, so she’s having a good time — and my section is completely fucked up.”

So, there you are! Find the full interview, as well as video taken during the recording session, here.