Make a Delicious Shot Inspired by Katy Perry


We recently attended a special sneak preview of Jason Giordano’s new tavern menu at The Bedford in Williamsburg, and while all of the food that we sampled that evening was amazing — especially the devils on horseback (bacon-wrapped dates filled with cheese) — the one thing that got everyone at our table the most excited was a bubblegum-flavored shot called the Katy Perry. We liked it so much that we asked Sean Rawlinson, the man who dreamed up it, to share the super easy recipe with you guys. Enjoy, but be warned — it’s surprisingly powerful!

“I’ve cultivated an awkward affinity with girly drinks and shots, which partially inspired the sweeter side of shot menu,” explains Rawlinson. “Katy Perry is the reigning bubblegum pop princess, so we chose Three Olives Bubble vodka as the base spirit. Pop Rocks coat the rim of the shot as a not-so-subtle ode to the fireworks that explode from her bosom in the video for ‘Firework.'”

The Katy Perry

1.5 oz Three Olives “Bubble” Vodka Pop Rocks

Pour 1.5oz vodka into cocktail shaker Add Ice Shake vigorously Strain into Pop Rocks-rimmed shot glass