Master Sand Sculptors Celebrate Great Britain in the Tottori Dunes


In the fifth exhibition hosted by the Sand Museum, the first-ever of its kind, located in the Tottori Dunes of Japan, fourteen sand sculptors have created an homage to Great Britain in honor of the 2012 London Olympic Games. The exhibition, which we first heard about over at Design You Trust, will be open to the public from April 14 through January, 2013. The amazingly intricate sand sculptures represent things like Big Ben and Westminster, Shakespeare and Sir Isaac Newton, English pubs, London taxis, and, um, “absolute monarchy under the rule of Queen Elizabeth I.” Click through to see the sculptures in their final stages, and let us know if you’ll be checking out the exhibition in the comments!

“Big Ben at Westminster” by Leonardo Ugolini

“The London taxis and tourists”

“British literature by William Shakespeare”

“The traditional English pub and laughing Vechelje people” by Daniel Belher

“Absolute monarchy under the rule of Queen Elizabeth I” by Ilya Filimontsev

“British science – The legend of Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin” by Karen Fralih

“Queen Elizabeth II in a carriage” by Alexey Shields

“The imperial guards of the palace” by Nicola Wood