How Much Would You Charge to Pull Down Your Pants in the Office?


In a capitalist act befitting the world’s largest service for internet-assisted payment, PayPal has just launched Do Stuff for Money. Need someone to pull down their pants? Got other dirty deeds that need doing? Now you can put out requests, and people will do whatever you want, as long as the price is right. After the jump, we pull the favorite 10 real requests straight from the site (plus make our own custom money).

1. Cuppycake offered m3mnoch $20.00 to “eat everything inside the fridge, regardless how old it is.”

2. Derek offered Nikol $666.00 to “Do “things” in a very legal yet satisfying manner!”

3. Fatimah offered David $1.00 to “Post a current picture of you doing a handstand unassisted”

4. Jay offered Nathan $10.00 to “drop your pants and run around the office pretending to be possessed”

5. Pat offered Tu-Uyen $0.00 to “Sing a song in Vietnamese to Liliana ”

6. Mike Cardeno offered John Colpitts $5.00 to “Eat a banana with no hands”

7. Michael Jahn offered Madonna $20.00 to “stop adopting Malawaian babies to use as a fashion accessory”

8. John offered Brandon $5.00 to “put hot sauce on Luis’s face when hes hammered again”

9. Conrad offered Brett $1000.00 to “TO GET A LIFE!”

10. Joey offered Tommy $1.00 to “Eat a ham”

Which one of these tasks are you most likely to perform?