Ben Kingsley in Talks for ‘Iron Man 3’ Supervillain


Iron Man fans have been waiting to find out if the playboy superhero’s rival nemesis — megalomaniac scientist and martial arts expert The Mandarin — will be making an appearance in the third Marvel Comics-inspired film. Former franchise director Jon Favreau promised the supervillain would be putting his ten rings of power to evil use in the next installment of the Stark storyline, but then he left the project. Now, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director Shane Black is at the helm, and although he hasn’t promised fans that Mandarin will be part of his vision for Iron Man 3 , he is sharing (by way of Variety) that English thespian Ben Kingsley is in talks to play the threequel’s baddie. Insiders swear it’s not Mandarin, but we don’t know which Marvel villain Kingsley is in talks for yet either. The film isn’t set to hit theaters until May 3 next year, but hopefully studios won’t keep us in suspense for much longer. Can you see Sir Kingsley stirring up trouble with Iron Man? More importantly, what villain do you see the talented Shakespearean actor tackling on screen?