Watch an Amazing ‘Sesame Street’/N.W.A. Mash-Up from 1994


If its YouTube description is to be believed, the clip below hails from a time before “mash-up” was a buzzword and everyone with a computer could be a video editor: “This VCR-made remix was created by an unnamed student at Florida State University in 1994 by combining footage from Sesame Street with the protest rap song ‘Fuck the [sic] Police’ from N.W.A’s 1988 album Straight Outta Compton.” The video (which apparently isn’t exactly new to the Internet, although we hadn’t seen it before) is just about as simple as that, but the syncing is spot-on and the editing witty. And of course, who could deny the thrill of watching the Muppets get radical? Watch it after the jump, and consider the possibilities of bringing the revolution to preschool.

[via Likecool]