“Hillz” Is a Fan of Texts from Hillary!


Since we first laid eyes on Texts From Hillary, one of the more enjoyable Tumblrs to recently make the rounds, we’ve wondered what the Secretary of State would think if she came across it. Would she worry about it hurting her chances in 2016, and take it away from us the way that her staff decided to put the kibosh on her scrunchies? Apparently we had no need to fear. Hillary finds it just as hilarious as the rest of us (especially the Ryan Gosling one), and Adam Smith, who runs the site along with Stacy Lambe, has the signed, printed out blog post to prove it.

“Her staff reached out to us with the submission yesterday,” Lambe explained to Mashable. “And we just met with her this afternoon. She was very delightful and thought kindly of us. I can tell you, her staff just thought the whole thing was great.” Click through to see the photo evidence for yourself.