Can You Tell The Difference Between James Joyce and Kool Keith?


We’ve already taken a look at famous rappers and their 20th century literary counterparts, but it looks like we missed a crucial pairing: Irish literary giant James Joyce and abstract, surrealist rapper Kool Keith. Case in point: if you heard the line “Kissed the plump mellow yellow smellow melons of her rump” — would you peg it as an Important Literary Quote or chalk it up as a surrealistic rap lyric? If you know the answer — or can take a guess — you might want to play James Joyce or Kool Keith, a surprisingly difficult and entertaining game that we discovered this morning. “One is the most innovative writer of the 20th century, the other is James Joyce,” the creators write. “Can you tell the difference?” Trust us, it’s harder than you think. Click here to play, and brag about your score in the comments!