Is Alec Baldwin Leaving ’30 Rock’ After All?


First he was leaving. Then he wasn’t. And now… maybe he’s leaving again? Alec Baldwin has spent the past several days under media siege, since the news broke that a woman, Genevieve Sabourin, who showed up at his New York City home over the weekend was charged with stalking the actor. Since Baldwin isn’t known for suffering his hardships in silence, it’s no surprise that he’s taken to Twitter to complain that the New York Post, NBC’s Today, and other news organizations are, well, stalking him. As The Wrap reports, he followed up yesterday’s series of tweets about the Post (“They camped out all day. Wait. Isn’t that…….?”) with an update this morning: “Outside my apt today, along side the other stalkers from the tabloid press, a crew that identified themselves as being with the Today Show. … I haven’t appeared on the Today Show in many years. But did they have to camp outside my apt?”

Of course, Baldwin happens to star in another NBC show, 30 Rock — and the awkwardness of the situation isn’t lost on him. “No one from NBC contacted me until the Today Show arrived at my apt,” he said, following up with his final tweet of the day (so far): “I think I’m leaving NBC just in time.” So, uh, what does that mean? In January, NBC Entertainment head Bob Greenblatt confirmed that Baldwin had decided to stick around for Season 7 of 30 Rock, next year. Could Baldwin be planning to make an early exit regardless of the deal, or is he simply referring to the delayed exit we already know about?