The Funniest Pop Culture Reality TV Mash-Ups


Ever been watching TLC and thought, “This rerun of Say Yes to the Dress could use some more characters from ’80s teen moves in it”? Well have no fear, because the Internet is full of ingenious people who’ve inserted your favorite shows, video games, and movies into your least favorite reality television programs to make them more entertaining. Check out this collection of hilarious videos, from real TV series to Zombie Idol, after the jump.

Star Wars Intergalactic Idol

Put together by the amazing editing team at Pistolshrimps, this video imagines a program in which Steve Tyler, J-Lo, and Randy Jackson are Yoda, Padmé, and Mace Windu. Actually, all this footage is from Phantom Menace, isn’t it? Maybe that one contestant really should stab everyone in the face.

Jersey Shore: Super Mario Brothers

DrCoolSex made it big on YouTube with their elaborate Super Mario Brothers parodies, and this one is incredibly spot-on. We just wish SMO (shells-mustaches-overalls) were as popular a phrase as GTL (gym-tanning-laundry).

The Real Housewives of Disney

This video short was definitely the highlight of Lindsay Lohan’s SNL hosting gig last month. Watch out for Taran Killam, who steals the scene as an incredibly effeminate Prince Charming. With a closeted husband like that, no wonder Cinderella’s an alcoholic.

Zombie Idol

Yes, this is another American Idol spoof, but we couldn’t resist this skit from Seth Green’s Robot Chicken, which pits the animated corpses of dead celebrities against one another. Our money’s on John and Yoko.

Kim Kardashian Divorce Special

Let’s face it: Kim Kardashian is basically reality TV personified, so this SNL bit from a few months ago that lampooned her much-publicized failure of a marriage deserves a prime place on this list. It’s also completely pitch perfect in the way it takes jabs at the entire attention-seeking Kardashian family.

Pwn Stars

Here’s the thing about Pawn Stars: sure, it’s cool to see all of these historical artifacts get appraised, but why do these people sell this stuff to the shop, and at such incredibly low prices? (You know, besides the depressing economic realities many of them are facing.) This video offers a theory — and it involves Link from The Legend of Zelda. Check out the rest of the series by TheGameStation on their YouTube channel.

Lost: Survivor Edition

Jeff Probst was stranding people on islands years before Jacob ever thought to do it, so we’re surprised that nobody thought to stick him in the middle of Oceanic 815’s remaining passengers before MadTV did. Lost enthusiasts will love this great homage to the early years of Jack and Kate. We just wish there had been someone on the cast who could have pulled off a Sawyer impression!

Forever Everdeen

Set after the events of the final book in the Hunger Games series, Mockingjay, this video by Whitney Lee Milam frames Katniss’s harrowing recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder as a Laguna Beach-style teen drama. There are a few in-jokes for Whitney’s followers, such as references to her previous Hunger Games music video parodies, but for hardcore fans of the books, it’s still well worth watching.

The Real Gilligan’s Island

In case you’ve forgotten, this was an actual television show on TBS in 2004 and 2005, in which two separate groups of people picked for their similarities to the Gilligan’s Island characters competed with one another. Spoiler: the Gilligans never actually won.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Ready for one more real show? In this BBC show, 12-year-olds competed against one another to see who could perform the best magic tricks after being taught by a professional magician. The catch? Everybody apparently had to act like they were Harry Potter characters. The show was scheduled to air alongside the release of the final book and the fifth film. Can we get a show like this here? And will they let a bunch of social media-savvy adults compete in it? Pretty please?