AMC Developing Another Comic by ‘Walking Dead’ Author Robert Kirkman


Despite its inconsistent quality, The Walking Dead has been a huge hit for AMC. To put its success in perspective, nine million people watched last month’s Season 2 finale — nearly three times as many as tuned in for Mad Men‘s much-hyped Season 5 premiere. So it makes sense that the network is pursuing a second adaptation of a comic book by Robert Kirkman, the creator The Walking Dead series. The Hollywood Reporter, which broke the news of the deal, describes Thief of Thieves protagonist as “a master thief with a dual identity who, while struggling to quit the business, opts to steal only what has already been stolen.” Kirkman will collaborate with Walking Dead producer David Alpert and Chic Eglee, who worked on the series’ first season, for a show the comics writer hopes will put a new spin on the heist genre, exploring “the humanity of all the characters, including the criminals.” As Sean O’Neal at A.V. Club notes, there’s nothing AMC likes more than a drama with a complex antihero. Meanwhile, considering that only three issues of Thief of Thieves have been published so far, it will be interesting to see how Kirkman’s plans for the TV adaptation will affect the comics.