Watch Tina Fey Talk About the End of ’30 Rock’


This morning on ABC’s The View, Tina Fey joined the ladies on the couch and addressed a topic that’s been very much on the minds of her fans: the fate of 30 Rock. “The end of the show is visible on the horizon,” she said, responding to the hosts’ inquiries about Alec Baldwin’s recent insinuation that he’s leaving NBC. “We can’t do this for, like, 35 years… You don’t want to see me with a gray stripe, eating a slice of pizza, going on dates.” Although this time last year, as the show wrapped up a strong fifth season, we would have dreaded the thought of 30 Rock ending. But since this season, while thoroughly watchable, has rarely reached the comedic high points of previous years, we think we could actually stand to watch it wrap after one more round of episodes. (In fact, it hasn’t even been renewed for the fall yet, and the ratings are even lower than usual.) There’s nothing sadder for a TV fan than watching your favorite show cannibalize itself after it’s run out of ideas.

Thankfully, it wasn’t all gloom and doom from Fey. HuffPost reports that another Queen of Jordan episode — yes, the faux Bravo reality show starring Tracy Jordan’s wife, played by The View co-host Sherri Shepard — is in the works. Watch a clip from the segment after the jump.