The Caged Bird Sings Because His House Is Much Nicer Than Yours Is


The grandfather of our current economic apocalypse, the housing crisis, has seen homes come up for auction practically on the hour, but they’re usually suburban split-levels, not properties such as a Bartholomew Voorsanger-designed lime green and tangerine luxury condo or a Greenwich Village stunner with sustainable roof from William Pedersen. Until now.

With bidding starting at a modest $15,000, it sounds like a killer deal courtesy of a design-nut’s recessionary buyer’s remorse. Just one problem — these lavish living spaces are only about 4 feet tall. And the location? According to the press release: “Bark Avenue, Beaker Street, and the Uppurr West Side.”

That’s right – they aren’t for people, they’re for pets.

Of course, no honest architect could justify charging upwards of 20K for a doghouse in this climate (shouldn’t you be building orphanages for Upper East Side prep-schoolers whose parents have absconded to the Dominican?), and even a dog carrier-toting socialite might take issue with the price tag, unless, of course, it was for charity.

The sale of these three pet palaces — a doghouse, bird cage, and cathouse, respectively — benefits The Animal Medical Center and all the excitement culminates in the Top Dog Gala, to be held in the Rainbow Room on November 18, the same day bidding starts on eBay.

Pre-bids begin at $3,000. No takers yet.