Who Will Annoy Bow Wow if Soulja Boy Calls it Quits?


A mere man can raise political awareness, call attention to the continued plight of African Americans, and take music back for the people, but but it takes a Soulja Boy to make hip-hop that matters to the mainstream.

But, fight as he might, one soldier is not enough to win the war on intelligent hip-hop. Today, July 2, 2009 may be remembered as the day that radio rap lost one of its warriors: Soulja Boy has conceded victory to the “other” hip-hop artists. According to an early morning tweet: “This rap shit is lame now.” He’s done, he’s out, “gonna go blow kush and live my 2nd dream.” If Soulja Boy does disappear, who will lead us? Ewe’ve ocmpiled a list of biz tips from Soulja Boy himself, assuming anyone wants to take slip into his slot.

1. “man, the internet never sleeps… 24/7 access to Soulja Boy whenever you wanna see him” – Interview with Chelsea Lately

2. “fake it till I make it, I was telling people this and that. I always had dreams of becoming a superstar so it was like I was acting like one before I became one” – Interview with Chelsea Lately

3. “ever since I came onto the scene… you got all the other rappers following it, I ain’t mad at ‘em you dig? It’s all about money at the end of the day, and, you know, Soulja Boy got a lot of it.” – Interview with Snoop

4. “I’m fresh, yeah I’m clean so crispy / throwing out money like your boy got a Frisbee” Birdwalk