The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. With only weeks to go before it hits theaters, they’re shooting an extra scene for The Avengers. “I’m not sure exactly where it’s gonna go,” says Mark Ruffalo. “All I know is that someone came in with the costume and said, ‘Here’s some wardrobe. We don’t know where you’re going to be or what you’re doing.'” [via The Playlist]

2. In case you missed Jimmy Fallon’s hilarious Downton Abbey spoof last night, here it is. A brilliant casting choice for Edith, wouldn’t you say?

3. After tons of speculation, Brad Pitt and Javier Bardem have finally been locked down to join Michael Fassbender in the cast of Ridley Scott’s Cormac McCarthy-scripted thriller, The Counselor. If Angelina Jolie signs on too — which is rumored to be “very likely” — we can’t imagine this film not being an epic blockbuster. [via Slashfilm]

4. A Los Angeles court has found Leonard Cohen’s former business manager Kelly Lynch guilty of harassing the musician and now faces up to five years in prison. “I was not willing to take the risk,” the 77-year-old musician explained to the court, “the risk that someone who leaves me messages that are deranged and violent is not going to turn up outside my house.” [via BBC News]

5. What do you think of this racy new Diet Coke bottle design inspired by Madonna’s famous Jean-Paul Gaultier cone bra getup? [via NME]

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