An Open Letter to Michel Gondry: Buy This House


Around the time we first launched Flavorwire we told you about a run-in we had with our Oscar award-winning neighbor Michel Gondry in Williamsburg. We haven’t seen him shooting any music videos around the hood since (perhaps we scared him off), but now 59 Orient Avenue, the house that was once Kate Winslet’s apartment in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind — and eventually became a squatter’s paradise around this time last year — is for sale.

Michel, we know you’ve already got a place down the block, but we think you should buy this one, too. Sure the economy sucks, but that Green Hornet gig has to be paying well, right? Or perhaps Sam Mendes should scoop it up as a surprise for Kate? If he catches the trains right, he could make a rehearsal at BAM in under 45 minutes the next time he’s directing a show.

Click here to take a tour of the inside of this five-bedroom, 19th century house, courtesy of Curbed. In all seriousness, someone please buy this and save it from more developers; it could be a real beauty if someone has the cash to fix ‘er up.