Preview a New Exhibition of Artwork Inspired by ‘Twin Peaks’


To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of David Lynch’s film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, the prequel to the cult TV show, Santa Monica’s Copro Gallery has put together a group show of art inspired by the “darker side of Twin Peaks,” curated by Rob Wilson in association with David Lynch. We don’t quite know what that means — as far as we can tell, all the sides of Twin Peaks are pretty dark — but we do know that the exhibition is filled with some pretty breathtaking art. The show incorporates all of the same artists that contributed to In the Trees: Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition , which celebrated the 20th anniversary of the show proper in 2011, but was only exhibited for a single weekend in an LA restaurant. This exhibition will run from April 21 – May 12, 2012 in a gallery setting — a gallery that used to be part of a train station, no less. Preview the show after the jump, and let us know if you’ll be checking it out in person in the comments.

“Waldo,” by Jessica Joslin

“One Eyed Jack’s Neon Sign,” by Rick Zar & Meesha Golderg

“Laura,” by Chris Buzelli

“Print #1 (map),” by David Lynch

“Print #2 (mountains),” by David Lynch

“Untitled #16,” by David Lynch

“An Old Woman And Her Grandson,” by Shag

“Lurking Shadow,” by Brett Amory

“The Owls Are Not What They Seem,” by Dan May

“The Blue Rose (Lil the Dancer),” by Brian Viveros

“Fire Walk With Me,” by Martin Wittfooth

“Bureau Chief Gordon Cole,” by Chris Mars

“Homecoming,” by Nathan Spoor

“Late Night at the Double R,” by Billy Norrby

“Audrey,” by Annie Owens

“Glow,” by Amy Casey

“Twin Peaks,” by Bruce Bickford

“RR Cafe (detail),” by Bruce Bickford

“Agent Cooper (detail),” by Bruce Bickford

“The Train (detail),” by Bruce Bickford