Rate-a-Trailer: Jennifer’s Body


As a huge Diablo Cody fan, I’ve been waiting to see the trailer for this horror flick — which like Juno, is a collaboration with Jason Reitman — for a long time. Which is not to say that I’m giving it a free pass. I got my hands on the script last fall, and I wasn’t so impressed with what I read. As Cody disciples know, her language can be a bit… heavy-handed at times. Plus, I wasn’t sure if I could buy that the same woman who gave us a movie scored by Kimya Dawson could morph into a horror scribe.

But this works. Megan Fox is luscious as Jennifer, the lead zombie/high school cheerleader who is all about killing boys. Amanda Seyfried (who I love in Big Love), the rather Juno-esque protagonist, plays the best friend who pieces together what’s going on as the bodies start to pile up. Adam Brody, Amy Sedaris, and J.K. Simmons (who played Juno’s dad) are also in the cast, but it’s hard to tell from this how much screen time they’ll get.

Note: The red band trailer below isn’t the one you’ll see theaters; it’s actually a “filmmaker’s cut” put together by Cody, Reitman, and Jennifer’s Body director Karyn Kusama, who also released this joint statement:

“Fox is putting a trailer of Jennifer’s Body in front of Bruno this Friday. Great, right? Only problem is it’s not our trailer. It’s kind of a straight horror preview and while we’re sure it’ll appeal to many of you, we wanted to make sure you guys got to see our cut… Let’s call it the ‘filmmaker’s cut’. We think it captures the comedy and scares of the horror films we grew up on — a kind of nostalgia for when horror films were fun. Can’t wait to show you the whole film… In the meantime, here’s the red band trailer we wanted our fans to see.”

It looks commercial and campy, but fun — kind of like True Blood. I’m biting. Are you? Jennifer’s Body hits theaters September 18th.

[via AceShowBiz]