The Weekend Box Office: Dinosaurs Get Rowdy With Robots


The movie critics are calling it the “worst film of the decade, yet simultaneously, the greatest allegory for the automobile industry.” Transformers 2, has tied Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs for the #1 spot making $42.5M over the holiday weekend. (This secures The Hangover as the only movie this year to hold the numero uno spot for two consecutive weekends.) Transformer 2‘s inability to come out on top comes as no surprise, since both sequels easily divide the “me like big 3-D creatures break stuff” audience.

Michael Mann’s Public Enemies had a decent debut, though the mere $26M draw is said to have set off yet another Christian Bale tantrum. (All kidding aside, have you noticed that none of his films have performed as well since that little episode? Perhaps it’s karma.) Supported by the brute strength of Ryan Reynold’s unlikely six-pack, The Proposal slips in front of The Hangover by a slim $2M ($13M gross). With The Hangover dropping to the number five spot, it is clear that, at a $204M gross, every bro and their beer-guzzling mama has seen this film by now — us included. Have you?