Rare Behind the Scenes Photos of ‘Star Wars’


Many moviegoers count Star Wars as the first feature film they ever saw that truly captured the magic of cinema and made them a bona fide film geek. Lucas and his team pioneered never before seen special effects, leaving audiences in awe of his epic fantasy world in space where creatures walked and talked alongside humans, and brave characters made you believe they could conquer an entire galaxy. Would a peek behind the scenes of Lucas’ universe make you appreciate the movie even more? Website Theager put our question to the test, by sharing a set of candid images taken on set of the 1977 film. The photos reveal how Lucas and his special effects team created several iconic scenes in the movie, who the faces were behind the famous costumes, and a few funny moments (see: Jabba’s Gamorrean guard picking its nose) — and a few unintentionally funny ones (like pics of Rebel X-wing fighter pilots that resemble a bunch of construction workers chowing down on lunch). Check out the rare, silly, and magical images in our gallery below.