Alec Baldwin Isn’t Leaving ’30 Rock’ — Until It Ends, Next Year


Well, Alec Baldwin is finally clarifying his latest Twitter bombshell — which must be nice for Tina Fey, considering how much damage control she’s had to do in the past year on behalf of both him and Tracy Morgan. For those who’ve lost track of what Baldwin’s complaining about, last week he called out Today (and a bunch of other news sources) for camping outside his New York City home while reporting the story of a stalker who had recently been arrested there. The actor ended his rant with the pronouncement, “I think I’m leaving NBC just in time,” inspiring some speculation as to whether he planned to duck out of his 30 Rock contract.

As the AP reports, Baldwin is back to set us straight. He professes to be over his anger at NBC and confirms that he will return for the show’s seventh season — which he also says will be its last. Meanwhile, he’s got some Jack Donaghy-style advice for the network: redo your line-up or continue to languish in ratings hell. We have to agree on that count, especially since 30 Rock is faring so poorly this year that all this talk of whether Baldwin’s going or staying could be moot. The series hasn’t even been renewed yet.