HuffPost Travel Editor Kate Auletta’s 5 Favorite Twitter Feeds


You can tell a lot about a person based on who they religiously follow on Twitter — or least that’s the driving idea behind this new weekly feature. Every Monday we’ll ask an influential web editor to share some of his or her most prized feeds with you, along with a few exemplary tweets that will illustrate why you’ll soon be following along too. Our hope is that you’ll get a tiny glimpse inside the creative minds of some of online media’s brightest stars — and a more interesting Twitter feed of your own to boot!

This week we’re bringing you an exciting new set of suggestions courtesy of Huffington Post Travel Editor Kate Auletta, a self-professed Gleek whose advice will definitely come in handy — especially if like us, you’re always secretly plotting your next big vacation. Click through to check out her picks, and be sure to follow her on Twitter here.

If it’s happening in the world of travel, this guy is on it. He’s blowing up our Twitter feeds — in a good way.

Many countries tweet through their tourism bureaus, but Iceland has taken it to the next level. This little island is so witty and endearing, you can’t help but want to hop on a flight out there.

Jodi quit her 9 to 5 gig as a lawyer in New York a few years ago to travel the world and hasn’t looked back. Her Twitter account is a great mix of travel long reads and hysterical memes for the cyber-cultured.

Heather may be everywhere these days, but she has always been my favorite spunky flight attendant, sending dispatches from the sky.

Pretty much the go-to guys for anyone who wants to dig deeper with their travel.