Netflix to Release Entire ‘Arrested Development’ Season at Once


It’s really been a whirlwind few months, hasn’t it, Arrested Development fans? After years of skepticism about whether a long-rumored movie would ever really get made, we found out that we’d be getting a film preceded by a fourth season available exclusively on Netflix. That’s all the good news we could ever hope for, but now there’s even more: Vulture reports that creator Mitch Hurwitz told the crowd at an event in Las Vegas yesterday that the entire ten-episode season will premiere at the same time on Watch Instantly, in 2013, for our Bluth-bingeing pleasure. He also mentioned that he’d be happy to go back to Netflix for subsequent seasons. This is all excellent news — although our hearts do ache for the poor TV recappers who will probably have to turn around about 10,000 words on Arrested Development in the space of a day.