Watch the Woody Allen-Inspired Teaser for ‘Louie’ Season 3


Louis C.K. is a Woody Allen superfan from way back. The comedian’s obsessions with neurosis and death clearly owe a debt to his idol, and C.K. recently cemented their connection by handing over editing duties for Louie to Susan E. Morse, Allen’s editor from 1979 through 1998. So it’s only fitting that teaser for Season 3, with its expansive black-and-white shots of New York and piano soundtrack, recalls the opening credits of Manhattan — which happens to be Allen and Morse’s first collaboration. If this is C.K. hinting that we’re in for a particularly Woody-esque season, then we’re more excited than ever to tune in June 28th. Watch the video after the jump, and visit Collider to compare the teaser with Manhattan‘s intro.