Michael Jackson Ticket Scalpers: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Craigslist


Via Craigslist, Flavorwire takes an inside look on the Michael Jackson craze as hundreds attempt to scalp/buy/get a ticket to today’s historic memorial at the Staples Center where Mariah Carey, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson, Lionel Richie, and Stevie Wonder are expected to turn up. (With California taxpayers asking how much this is going to cost them, it seems to us like all tickets should have been sold to help cover the rumored $2.5M price tag.)

Note: Over 1.5 million people entered their names into a lottery for a chance to attend the service; only 8,750 people were chosen to receive a ticket. Police are bracing for a sidewalk crowd of 250,000 fans and several movie theaters, TV networks, websites, and a JumboTron in Times Square will be streaming it for everyone else.

Are any of you going? If so, send us a photo or dispatch from the event.

The Good: Some have been have offering jokes, cookies, and warnings amidst the ticket scuffle.

Please let me be your +1 for Michael’s sendoff (Staples Center) “….Plus, I think I’d make a nice companion for you – I have a lot of random fun facts to know and tell about MJ and the family, I love his music and could sing and entertain you while we wait in line…I could also bring you some cookies or a different snack for when we wait. I also know some jokes if you’re in need of a laugh.”

prank call mj tic sellers – $1 (hell) “as well as flagging the entrees from these people who are profitting from our beloved mj, i think everyone should prankcall and pss along there phone numbers to friends so they can prank call them too…..

unclaimed MJ Tickets will b FREE – $1 (Don’t pay) “Unclaimed tickets will be distributed free!!!! Do not Purchase these tickets from the greedy!!!!! INSIDE SCOOP!!! TRUST AND WAIT!!!!”

The Bad: Is it possible to sell MJ tickets and still love him?

mj memorial email jsmith22483 at yahoo dot com (ticket/wristband in hand) : “…You can have the one on my wrist too if you can figure out how to remove it. Unfortunately, its looking like I’m not gonna be able to go. Sucks.”

MJ Fan! 1 tic wanted. Driver to and from Staples – $1 (Hollywood) “…I have a nice motorcycle and can pick you up and take you back afterwards.”

MICHAEL JACKSON MEMORIAL SERVICES TICKET – $1 (staples center) “…I am able to meet you Tuesday Morning to exchange tickets and wristband. Best offer! Accepting cash, and cashier checks. Also accept paypal. Thank you and good luck. Love you MJ. ”

The Ugly: One would imagine that an MJ impersonator would not go over well at a memorial.

F*CKING ROACHES! – $1 (LOS ANGELES) Too explicit to publish.


Looking for an extra Michael Jackson ticket for tomorrow… – $1 (L.A.) “I’m a huge fan… but the ticket is not for me. I have a friend who is a huge MJ fan… and an impersonator. He wants to come to L.A. tomorrow in full MJ costume and make up to the memorial… but I don’t think he’ll be able to get in.”