For Only $24.95, You Can Star in Your Favorite Classic Novel


Ever wish you could hitch a ride on a twister and land in Oz? Fall down the rabbit hole with Alice? Or, hey, maybe you and your beloved would like to take the place of literature’s most famous doomed teenage lovers, Romeo and Juliet. We find that last one kind of creepy, but far be it for us to judge you for inserting yourself in any of the classic works of literature available for personalization at U Star Novels. For $24.95, you can replace the characters in a paperback edition of a couple dozen timeless novels with yourself and your friends, ostensibly Mad Lib-style. While this service is both hilariously narcissistic and entirely impractical, the books do make a pretty nice gag gift for lit geeks. We imagine they could even be useful for sending a passive-aggressive message: There’s no wittier way to complain to your employer that you’re being underpaid than by casting her as Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. [via GalleyCat]