Watch Werner Herzog Talk About Learning That His Pal John Waters Is Gay


If you’ve ever watched any of his films or heard him speak for more than, I don’t know, 30 seconds, you probably realize that Werner Herzog is not like most people. But is he so far removed from the social and cultural mainstream that it would take him three and a half decades of knowing John Waters to guess that the director is interested in men? Apparently, yes. Dangerous Minds has found a video clip from a semi-obscure 2007 documentary called On the Ecstasy of Ski-Flying: Werner Herzog in Conversation with Karen Beckman in which Herzog discusses learning that his friend is gay. “For me, a man is a man. I cannot distinguish a gay man from a straight man,” he says. “After 35 years of knowing John Waters, I turn to my wife and I say to her, ‘I have a feeling this man is gay.'” But don’t worry — your favorite masculine auteur doesn’t see anything wrong with that. “I love the man. I love him dearly. He’s the boldest of the bold filmmakers. I wish I had the guts of this man,” says Herzog. Now, if only these two would appear together in an It Gets Better video, our lives will be complete.