Is Bravo Developing Long Island’s Reality TV Answer to ‘Girls’?


Bravo sure has a lot of new series in the works: Just a few weeks ago, we learned that it had greenlighted 13 new shows, including its first two scripted programs. But apparently that’s not all. Deadline reports that the network has put six more series into development. The new slate covers some fairly familiar Bravo territory — a show about rich people in Palm Beach, another that follows a fashion start-up, “Untitled Male Model Project” — but one show did catch our eye. The Gold Coast, which features a “lively, over-the-top group of twenty-something girlfriends [who] exemplify the ‘Boomerang Generation’ as they move back home after graduating from college to live with their parents on the Gold Coast of Long Island.” Is it just us, or does this sound like Girls meets Jersey Shore? The women will undoubtedly be somewhat less hip and artsy than Lena Dunham and her pals, but apparently equally at sea in the midst of our current employment crisis. Of course, considering that the Gold Coast is the wealthiest part of the island, critics of Girls’ lack of racial and economic diversity probably won’t find much of an alternative here.