Would You Facebook Sarah Palin?


Sarah Palin wants to be your friend. And, 24 hours after the announcement of her resignation, approximately 19,000 new people wanted to be her friend as well…at least on Facebook. Since July 3rd, her Facebook buddies have been on the rise, bringing her from 590K to a comfortable 615K as of today. So, in a dutiful roving reporter fashion, Flavorpill took to the streets of New York to discover what the people are saying: Would you friend Sarah Palin now that she has resigned?

“No, because I don’t have a Facebook, but I wouldn’t friend her if I did.” -Mika, Finland

“No, I don’t know who she is.” -Mika’s girlfriend

“I would rather friend my mom, who likes to embarrass me on a daily basis.” -Jessica

“Why would you friend her now that she’s a quitter? I don’t think she’s intelligent at all.” -Anonymous

“Yes, she’s funny.” – Anonymous’ anonymous friend

“It wouldn’t have occurred to me to friend her before, but now that she’s resigned, it would be funny to friend her.” -Alex

“Now that she’s no longer the governor I feel like there’s a better chance of her actually just doing GILF porn so I want to be notified on my feed whenever she uploads new photos.” -Jim D.

“I wouldn’t have friended her before or after her resignation – I just don’t like her.” -Sam

Conclusion: Despite Palin’s ambitions to enter the 2012 presidential race, her increase in popularity with the people is less about sympathy and more about maintaining a long-running joke (or, in some cases, sneaking a few more peeps at her “slutty flight attendant look“). Would you, dear Flavorpill reader, friend Mrs. Palin?