Jeffrey Deitch’s House Is Totally Insane


Here are just a few of the crazy things that you’ll find in Jeffrey Deitch’s LA mansion if you’re ever lucky enough to score an invite: A Michel Gondry piano (“When you push down the key, it plays a videotape with audio of someone playing that note in 88 locations around the world, one for each key”), a larger version of Chris Johanson’s Whitney Biennial installation (“It is a street with shop fronts, autos and pedestrian”), a Gaetano Pesce sofa under the disco ball in the “party room” that’s shaped like a salmon, a bear, and a toucan; and an insane table that Urs Fischer custom made for Deitch that features an image of Vincent van Gogh’s grave.

The most difficult works for the Museum of Contemporary Art director to live with? “Sometimes you do a sound installation, and the first day or two it is very exciting,” he says. “Then you are hearing this every day for a month, and it becomes like a torture.” Poor thing. Head over to The New York Times to drool over a slideshow of amazing images.