The Daily What Lead Writer Kirsten Martin's 5 Favorite Twitter Feeds


You can tell a lot about a person based on who they religiously follow on Twitter — or least that’s the driving idea behind this new weekly feature. Every Monday we’ll ask an influential web editor to share some of his or her most prized feeds with you, along with a few exemplary tweets that will illustrate why you’ll soon be following along too. Our hope is that you’ll get a tiny glimpse inside the creative minds of some of online media’s brightest stars — and a more interesting Twitter feed of your own to boot!

This week’s picks come to you courtesy of Kirsten Martin, the brand new lead writer over at The Daily What, who has been “curating” and “aggregating” content on Facebook for years, but only recently discovered the magic of cute animal videos. Follow her on Twitter here, and click through for her top five picks!

His feed is all I have left of The West Wing. And his swipes at Mittens will only improve as the general election heats up.

Little tidbits of news that tell a lot. Founder Ernie Smith is a genius. And a friend!

Between Long Reads and Arts & Letters Daily, there’s always something fabulous to grab — and hold — my attention. And if not, I add it to my Pocket app … as if it weren’t full enough.

Mindy Kaling is the cooler older sister I never had. And that I hope I am to my three younger sisters. What’s not to love?